Episode 19 | JUST MEN: Part 2: Find Your Tribe w/Preston Baker

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This week on the JUST MEN series, guest host Preston Baker, founder of LegacyFirst.Org LLC and co-founder of Moguls Connect, is on the show today. Preston talks about how working on Wall Street has taught him how to help new & existing business owners find their vision and their networking tribe.

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  • Many entrepreneurs are strugggling to create organic traffic and/or find ways to successfully monetize their networks.
  • Networking is about building relationships and with 90% of small business owners admitting to have networked online in the last year, there is a huge opportunity for you to create a sales pipeline.
  • Build networking relationships daily, whether it's by word of mouth, social media, your blog, etc.
  • Learn how to share what you know. Don't hold on to useful information because you think someone will become more successful than you... they might have some useful tips for you too, and then both of you can become successful together!
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to use to connect and network with others and build those relationships.
  • If you purchase Preston's book, Networking with Authority, you will receive an invitation to a free live Q&A masterclass with Preston as he talks about building networks within your tribe.

        Guest Bio:

        Preston Baker is the Managing Partner of LegacyFirst.Org LLC business consulting firm and Co-Founder of Moguls Connect, a community network of early stage entreprneurs. In 2015, he he started his career working in finance with a focus on working with small business owners. He rose to become an Associate Partner with Veludi Capital Strategies under his mentor. During his time working in the industry he was trained by some of the industries top experts, where he learned that to succeed he had to provide value that would help his clients get to where they needed to go in order build for the long term. After receiving various awards, he decided that he wanted to do more to help entrepreneurs. He wanted to use his skillset to help entrepreneurs grow their business and reach their goals.

        In 2019 he started LegayFirst.Org LLC and was able to help various businesses and organizations stay afloat by leveraging digital platforms to maintain the pandemic. He eventually partnered with Armand Cheeks of Sigma Solution and decided to build an entreprneur movement through Moguls Connect. Moguls Connect is a community of entrepreneurs that host virtual events, provide opportunities to network, share resources, and opportunities to amplify business owners. He has consistently championed that it is through networking and relationship building where you will see you're greatest success long term and is now sharing his strategies so everyone could benefit.


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