Episode 1 | Who is CoRo Is a Crush?

Hey Babez!

Welcome to my first episode of my brand-new podcast, CoRo Is a Crush.

CoRo Is a Crush episode 1

This is a podcast about fashion, beauty, and faith. We're going to be talking about what it's like to live in a world that tries to tell us how we should look, feel, and act—but we're gonna do it on our terms. I'm so glad you're here with me for the ride! 

In the first episode, we're going to be talking about fashion, beauty, and faith on your terms. This will be a safe space where you can come and feel empowered, supported and encouraged.  

The way it works is that each week, I'll give you some content—be it a blog post or conversation or video—and then we'll have a live Q&A over on Instagram. You don't have to wait for the next episode; you can jump in whenever you want. And there's no pressure to ask anything—you can just lurk if that's more your thing.  

We'll also have some special guests from time to time who will talk about their businesses and the challenges of being an entrepreneur. If you're feeling like your lip gloss isn't enough anymore, or if you just want a new way to think about looking at the world, tune into CoRo Is a Crush!

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