Episode 14 | JUST WOMEN: The Joys of Motherhood w/Acolla Edwards

coro is a crush episode 14

In our JUST WOMEN series, former guest host Acolla Edwards, CEO and founder of Bel Larenn Cosmetics, is on the show today. Acolla talks about the joys of motherhood and some tips to make your life easier as a mom.

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  • Motherhood is a beautiful, wonderful thing that can bring so much joy—and also so much stress. 

  • It can be difficult to find time for yourself when you’re busy taking care of others. 

  • if you're not sure whether motherhood is for you, or if you're having trouble with it, or if you just feel like something's missing from your life—I've got some tips for what might be going on and how to fix it.

    • Getting enough sleep means that both your body and mind are getting the rest they need to function at their best.

    • Set a bedtime schedule that works for everyone in the house, including yourself.

    • Meal planning is essential if you want to get dinner on the table every night. I recommend MyFitnessPal. It has an easy interface where you can put in what ingredients are in the food item and it will tell you how much each ingredient will cost and how many calories are in the dish.

    • Delegate when possible.

    • Make time for yourself every day.

    • Get organized! 

Guest Bio:

Acolla Edwards is the SHE.E.O & Founder of Bèl Larenn Cosmetics. Bèl Larenn was founded in August 2021 and the brand name originates from her Creole  background, which means “Beautiful Queen”. The goal behind her brand is to offer natural beauty & skincare products to help and boost confidence and offer versatility in all women, whether you chose to be natural or glamorous. Their mission is for women to to come together embrace and nurture the art of self-love and self-care. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:

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This week’s question is:
How do you balance your time between work and home?


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CoRo Is a Crush - episode 14

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