2023: The Year I Choose Me

2023: The Year I Choose Me
The year is still young, and it's not too late for you to choose yourself.

That's right: this year, I am choosing me! And if you're feeling like it's time to make some changes in your life, then I'm here with some ideas that might help you do the same. 

I was hesitant to write this article and even more hesitant to share it with you. But I decided that if I didn't, then who would?

I'm going to read more.

I'm going to make it a priority this year. Reading is one of the most enriching activities you can do for yourself. It helps you learn new things, gives you perspective on your own life, and allows you to escape into another world for a little while.

Reading any type of text is beneficial in its own way. For example: reading blogs makes me feel like I'm part of an online community; reading emails gives me something fun to do during my commute; and articles on the internet allow me to learn about topics I wouldn't have otherwise known about (or would have learned about later than they did).

I'm going to take care of my health.


You know what would be great? If you were to make a list of health goals for yourself and then work toward achieving them.

  • You should get enough sleep every night.
  • You should eat healthy food most of the time. Eating a lot of fast food is bad for you, so try to avoid that at all costs!
  • Exercise regularly; it will keep your body strong and healthy! You don't have to do it every day if that's not realistic, but try going on walks or jogging around the neighborhood once or twice per week. You can also lift weights or do yoga if they're more up your alley—those things count too!
  • Don't smoke cigarettes (or any other kind of tobacco product), don't drink too much alcohol (if at all), don't use drugs (ever). These things are bad for everyone's health - especially yours because they could lead to heart disease or cancer later in life which could shorten your lifespan considerably!

I'm going to try new things and be open to new experiences.

You’re going to try new things, and you’re going to be open to new experiences. You might even do things or go places that you would not have otherwise done or gone before.

You might try a different type of food at a restaurant, or try out a new hobby, like learning how to crochet or rollerblade. Or maybe you’ll give your close friends and family some time off by taking yourself on mini-adventures where no one knows who you are!

You can also try something brand new by traveling somewhere far away from home for the first time in your life; maybe even somewhere exotic like Paris! If everyone else has been there before and knows all about it, then it's time for YOU to make it your own experience — just imagine how much fun it will be without having preconceived notions about what exactly constitutes "Parisian culture"!

I'm going to travel more.

It's a simple statement, but one that can be powerful when you live in a world that seems to tell you what to do and how to go about doing it. And even though I'm choosing myself this year, I still want to travel more! Traveling is one of those things that helps us learn about ourselves and become better versions—the things we see and feel on our travels can have an impact on us in ways that are difficult to describe.

I believe there should always be some kind of goal or plan for each new year, whether it be as big as your career or as small as your diet. One thing I've noticed with my past New Year's resolutions is that they tend not only change by the end of January—they often change throughout the year itself! This makes sense because life goes through changes at different points throughout time; therefore so do our priorities (and thus why we need resolutions).

I'm going to focus on what I want rather than what others seem to want for me.

I love my family and friends, but they expect me to do certain things and become certain things. Sometimes they push me away from my dreams, because those dreams do not fit into the expectations they have for me. This will be the year that I stop letting them get in the way of my own happiness, and instead let them see how happy their support makes me feel.

I will not let others get in the way of my dreams, and I will focus on what is best for me. If someone wants me to do something that I don’t want to do, then they can either change their minds or get out of mine.

I am in control of my own life. I will not let others get in the way of my dreams and happiness. This will be the year that I focus on what I want rather than what others seem to want from me.

I'm going to be gentle with myself.

My breath is yoga.

My body is yoga.

I am a yogini.

My breath is everything to me now, because it helps me to be in my body and feel present wherever I am. It’s very grounding and helps me feel connected to myself in a way that nothing else has been able to do before this point in my life.

I will take time out of my day for quiet reflection, prayer, or meditation every day if possible — even if it’s just five minutes on the subway ride home from work! This will help me connect with myself while also providing some relief from the busyness of daily life as an entrepreneur (ahem).

The year is still young, and it's not too late for you to choose you, too!

Our year is still young and there's time for you to make a change too. 

You can choose yourself this year. In fact, you must choose yourself because no one will do it for you! If they try, they'll only lead you astray from your own path of self-discovery and growth. Instead of letting others dictate what your priorities should be (or how much money or free time or sleep), give yourself the space to explore what matters most for YOU right now in YOUR life. Then put those things first before anything else by setting boundaries on what is acceptable behavior from others towards YOU during this process—and stick with them! Be gentle with yourself when making these choices: don't berate yourself if something doesn't go according to plan; instead focus on how far along the path has gotten thus far and use that as motivation moving forward.

And finally… take care of YOURSELF throughout all of this! Make sure that whatever choices are made align with YOUR needs first before considering anyone else's demands on YOUR time/energy/resources etc… because these things are OURS alone; nobody else has any right whatsoever over THEM except US OURSELVES alone so long as we're alive here today which means WE OWN THEM ALL EQUALLY!!!

In conclusion, the year 2023 is going to be a great one for me. I am going to make sure that I get everything done on time and complete all my goals so that I can live a happy life. There are some things that may get in the way of achieving this goal but nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind into it!

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