Get Ready to Dazzle Your Digits with the 2023 30-Day Nail Art Challenge!

**This challenge will start October 1st instead of September 1st this year due to family medical reasons.

Hey Babez!

Last year, if you was following me on Instagram, I successfully completed my 30-Day Nail Art Challenge. I started this challenge on September 1st 2022 to not only showcase my Fall Collection press-on nails, but to challenge myself with designs that were outside of my design zone.

I'm so excited to bring back this challenge because I know it's just a great way to get your creativity flowing and have some fun with your nails. But I also love the idea of challenging you (and myself!) to step outside your comfort zones and try something new—whether that's a new brand, a new technique, or a new color!

Well... it's time to get your nails done, and this time around I'm going to do it with a little more flair than I did last year. I'm challenging you to create a new nail design every day for the next month—and I want you to share it with us on Instagram!

If you're new to the challenge, here's how it works:

  • You pick one of the prompts below each day and create a nail art design inspired by it.
  • You post your design on Instagram with #30DNAC23
  • You tag us @coro.x.nikaustin AND
  • You post every day for 30 days in a row (if you can)

Here are some of my favorite looks from last year:


If anyone would like to join in, by all means, let's do this together! Day 01, Red Nails, will be posted tomorrow. At the end of this post are some images with the challenge prompts. Feel free to grab and use one if you'd like!

Get ready for CoRo Nailz Studio to take the game to another level... each one of these designs will be made available to purchase in my shop each day by 9am the following day.


Nik 💙


***Updated on September 26, 2023

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