One-Third of the Way Through My 30-Day Nail Art Challenge

One-Third of the Way Through My 30-Day Nail Art Challenge

Hi Babez! I have been doing a 30-Day Nail Art Challenge since the beginning of September and have been completely loving the experience!

In case you're wondering what this 30 Day Nail Art Challenge is all about, here's how it works: Every day this month, I'll post a photo of my nails along with some information about what I did to them that day (like colors or patterns). Then, you can use these ideas as inspiration for your own manicures at home! Check out my guide if you have questions about joining the challenge.

In the first 10 days of this challenge, it's been all about colors... you know, all the colors of the rainbow, black and white, etc., and it's so much fun to play around with colors and seeing what designs you come up with besides rocking them as a single color.

I'm currently on day 11 of my 30 Day Nail Art Challenge. So far, we've done things like gradient nails (which were so much fun!), yellow nails (so easy and so beautiful!), red nails (oohs, the Dalmatian nails!), and tons more! But today, I thought I'd do something a little different...

Today's post will be a recap of the first 10 days of the challenge so that if you missed any along the way or want to see them again, then you can easily find them here!

Check out some of the first 10 nail designs of the challenge. Each nail set is listed in my store under the collection 2022 Nail Art Challenge!


Also, because it's been such an awesome challenge so far, I've decided to make today's post interactive by allowing you all to vote on which one of these nail sets you love the most. How cool is that? Vote below and let me know which one you liked best or leave a comment with your favorite nail set!

The only thing that's been difficult about this challenge is choosing which designs to do each day because there are so many options available... but overall it's been really fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is coming up in the next 20 days!

Ciao, Bella 💙

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