nik austin

Hey Babe, I'm Nik

Boss and creator of CoRo (amidst a mix of this and that.) In my 3+ years of running my business, I became very well-known for my handmade press-on nails.

Before nails became my jam, it was always graphic design. My dream was to have my own stationery line. I started with creating journals, but people would make hateful comments about them, and I got frustrated and stopped.

It wasn't until February 2024 while scrolling on Instagram that I saw a young woman talking about stationery, how she can teach you how to make a profit, and how God wants you to take back all that was lost.

My love for stationery came back in an instant! I knew right then I needed to create the journals again... but for a good cause.

Why all the tears?

I cried because I had no idea God would bring me back to the foundation of my dreams. I knew my purpose would be to reach His people, but how? That’s when I started thinking… I’m an author and I write about self-love… why not create a self-love journal that everyone can have?

I wholeheartedly believe that these journals can be life-changing, and I'm determined to ensure that everyone can get their hands on them! Enter: SoulScript. SoulScript means “write from the soul” and being that journaling is an experience that allows you to write, create, and share thoughts with yourself, there was no doubt that I needed to create this.

Learning how to design my journal took tears, prayer, and fasting. When I wasn’t designing, I was on my knees asking God for the next move with this journal. I started taking classes with Journal Maker University and not only did I learn how to create a journal, but I learned my purpose as well.

And here we are!

Everything I do, whether it’s making products or servicing my community with the podcast or magazine, it’s done with passion and purpose. Does it get hard? Absolutely!

SoulScript is an extension of that mission, with the goal being to inspire confidence and resilience in every individual. The program has been in operation since April 1st, and we couldn't be more happier to give back to the community.

This is just the beginning for SoulScript, and I know in the future more is coming. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to share my self-love journey with you and I’m excited to become a part of your self-love journey!