Fashion. Beauty. Faith.

Hey Babez! I'm Nik Austin and I'm the owner of CoRo, a premium, high-quality online brand of beauty, wellness, and design, which includes nail care, self care, and graphic design. I design, organize, curate, direct, and execute every aspect of the CoRo lifestyle brand. We help our customers spread love and positivity, and we strive to support and create positive change in the world. I am a woman with a purpose who believes each one of us has a purpose in life.

The Birth of CoRo...

The Fashion.

Growing up, fashion, beauty, and faith was and still remains a part of my life. It gave me fire and put me in positions to always look my best. My fashion always made me stand apart from others and in high school I was nominated for Best Dressed. Looking and feeling my best is one of the things my parents instilled in me, yet it was the one thing that I couldn't see in myself.

I saw my mom always dressed to the nines, never looking out of place. She was the first woman I saw to wear heels with jogging suits! Makeup to the gym! Her nails were always done, never out of place. No matter her size, she never allowed people to tell her that she looked bad. She looked good ALL the time, and she knew it, because her confidence was key! All these things showed me that at ANY AGE & SIZE I can be beautiful and fly!


The Beauty.

I've been in the nail game since I was 5. My father, who was a diabetic (God rest his soul; RIP), was the one who taught me all about nails and how important it is to keep your nails clean; feet too! Now that I'm a diabetic, it is imperative for me to keep my nails and feet clean. I learned all I could about nails and realized that this was something I wanted to do, what God instilled in me to do. 

I took an interest in the beauty industry around 2014 when I was trying to figure out how to become an entrepreneur by working from home. My son was about 6 or 7 during that time and with him being Autistic and having life-threatening asthma, something had to give. I wanted to be at home with him because my superiors couldn't understand the severity of his health. I was so distraught about what I wanted to do and the main thing I wanted to make sure was that I wanted to be good at whatever I chose to do. I asked God to give me a sign and that’s when it hit me: become a stay at home nail tech! 


The Faith.

My faith game is strong and I knew that without God, I could do nothing. In April 2020 I started a business called The Faithful Craftess. It started off well, being featured in magazines, podcasts, even in a subscription box halfway across the country! But there was one problem: I had the wrong mindset!

I had a sit down conversation with my God and He showed me my wrongs. As a business owner, it’s ok for a business to fail… rewrite the script and try again. He gave me a vision… To reach His people through fashion, beauty and faith by doing the one talent that He gave me at a young age: create a boutique for women and girls to feel beautiful and be fly, Holy and sanctified. That's when He gave me the name of my new company, CoRo, and followed was CoRo Nailz!


What does CoRo stand for?

The name "CoRo" stands for Cocyese x Romedis, a combination of my middle name and my mother’s middle name. The driving force behind the brand are my parents, my family, and how they inspired me to inspire others. CoRo is the parent company of CoRo Nailz, CoRo Creative Designz, and CoRo Photography.

One thing about me: I always go to God before I take on a project. I’m very spiritual but I’m also a realist. I came up with 3 pillars for CoRo to become the brand that I know it can be: fashion, beauty and faith.

You see, 

  • There's Fashion in our closet,
  • We use our Beauty to step out of the closet, and
  • When we pray, we go to our praying closet and leave with Faith.


Our Mission? 

To teach women how to practice self-care, laugh more, live fully and dream big all while looking and feeling fabulous!

As women of all shapes and sizes, society tells us that certain clothing, certain makeup looks, certain colors and patterns, even nails, cannot fit us. I'm here to tell the world, THAT’S BS! As my slogan says, “Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big. Dream big. Pray bigger. Keep the faith.”

CoRo is not just a brand... it's an experience of knowing that you are fabulous, beautiful, and highly favored! CoRo does not only specialize in attention to detail, but has studied the needs and demands of its audience in order to deliver such perfect and trusted experience.

Besides being a multi-business owner, I’m also a Truth Speaker, Podcaster (CoRo Is a Crush), author of “I Choose Me: 30 Days of Self-Love,” and an Autism & ADHD Life Coach. I love to sing, read, travel, and participate in Comic Cons with my family.


A Gift of The Finest

The purpose of this website is to educate, inform and sell products and services. Products and services that are featured on the website may include customizable and exclusive: press on nails, lip glosses, mink eyelashes, body butters, scrubs line, luxury cuticle & body oil, men essentials, a never before offered customizable products, branding templates, digital art, photography services and more.

All products are crafted with Heart utilizing the finest ingredients. Each product is created with you and your family in mind. The services we provide are for our customers and our community. Thank you for trusting this business to provide high quality products for your family. Your support of this business supports our family and for that I am forever grateful.

Questions? Email me at! I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow us on Instagram at the following links:




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Nik Austin & the CoRo Tribe