How to purchase Made To Order | Custom nails on social media or in person: 

  1. Send us a DM on IG @coronailz or email us ( with the images or names of the sets you want to purchase. Can be custom designs as well. (Up To 4 sets max)
  2. Include your nail size & desired nail shape/length. (if you don’t know your size you can ask to add a sizing kit ($0.99) to your order.)
  3. If you want to include any other items to your order feel free to mention them in your message as well (ie: Extra prep kit, extra glue etc.)
  4. We will reply back with pricing. If you decide to proceed with the order we will ask for an email address where we can send an invoice to. Invoice will come from Square.
  5. Pay the invoice within 24 hours to secure your order spot. 

Nail orders include:

  • Set of 10 nails in gift box
  • Prep Kit: cuticle pusher, buffer, alcohol wipes, nail glue and nail tabs
  • Application & Removal Instructions
  • Thank you gift 

*We will begin accepting orders this way so that we can control the amount of nail orders we receive and be able to get them done and shipped out faster.